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August 27, 2022 @ The Toledo Zoo & Aquarium
The Toledo Dystonia Zoo Day is organized by families in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan areas affected with various forms of dystonia from childhood to adult onset, to promote awareness, educate the public, and generate funds for the DMRF. Special guests, including medical experts and members of the dystonia community will share their stories and talk about the need for improving diagnosis rates and investing in research. 

What are Dystonia Zoo Days?
Dystonia Zoo Days are a national series of family-friendly community events that promote awareness of dystonia, connect the dystonia community, and support the work of the DMRF. 

What is Dystonia?
Dystonia is a brain disorder that causes extreme muscle spasms so intense they produce involuntary movements and postures of the body and limbs. Gait, balance, speech, and vision may be impaired due to the twisting, painful contortions, Put quite simply, people with dystonia cannot control the movement of their own bodies. The disorder affects people of all ages and backgrounds.

About the DMRF
The DMRF is the oldest, most established dystonia patient organization in the world and is an internationally recognized leader in dystonia providing services to individuals and families impacted by all forms of dystonia. 

Contact the DMRF
Dystonia Medical Research Foundation / One East Wacker Drive, Suite 1730, Chicago, Illinois 60601-1980
Phone: 312-755-0198 / Toll Free: 800-377-DYST (3978) / Fax: 312-803-0138
zooday@dystonia-foundation.org / www.dystonia-foundation.org / EIN#95-3378526


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